Facials Mackay

Environ Facial Treatments – creating beautiful skin for a lifetime

As no two skins are alike our skin treatments are customised to each client’s skin conditions.

Your beauty therapist will discuss with you before your treatment your skin concerns
and will individually customise your treatment. The listed facials are a guide. Your skin therapist can discuss a professional treatment plan and home maintenance ensuring beautiful skin for a lifetime.

We combine results with relaxation to give our clients the ultimate experience.

All our facials include:

  • Professional skin analysis 
  • Pre-cleanse, cleanse & tone
  • Micro exfoliation & mini peel
  • Steam therapy
  • Scalp, hand or foot massage
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Our Essential Facials:

  • Skin Consultation with no treatment $60

    Allow 30mins
    Redeemable on Environ product purchases

  • Radiant Glow Facial $110

    Allow 45mins
    An introductory facial or pick me up for clients on the go. Let our personal touch relax, calm, soothe and restore your skin to its natural best.

  • Purifying Vitamin Facial $135

    Allow 60mins
    This method of deep cleansing the skin is gentle in exfoliating the skins surface, yet effective in purifying & assisting to control the appearance of congested, breakout prone skin. Helps to achieve visible improvement, leaving the skin looking radiantly healthy and refreshed.

  • Vitamin Touch Facial $135

    Allow 60mins
    A luxurious relaxing treatment that delivers essential vitamins to restore the skins health, radiance and resilience. The magic of this treatment lies in the combination of specially selected powerhouse formulations and the caring, therapeutic hands of our skin therapist.

  • Signature Vitamin Facial $170

    Allow 75mins
    Designed to effectively treat a wide range of skin care concerns. Our luxurious signature facial will replenish dull and tired skin. A deep cleanse with steam followed by a prescription peel to suit your skin needs. Nourishing vitamins are infused into your skin using sonophoresis to enhance their penetration before a super hydrating mask. A neck & shoulder massage completes this ultimate skin treatment.

  • Hand and Foot Vitamin Wrap $30 each

    A perfect add-on to any Environ Treatment to relieve dry, sun-damaged skin.

Our Environ Electro-Sonic and Cool Peel technology sets the benchmark for professional skincare treatments.

Environ’s professional skin care products help deliver more of what skin needs where it needs it most – making a real lasting difference to your skin, for life.

  • Environ Cool Peels – only after skin consult

    Environ’s Cool Peel treatment is a revolutionary approach to peeling, unique to Environ. It achieves incredible results without damaging the skin. Low strength Lactic Acid is used to reduce the skin’s PH and triggers the release of growth factors, which creates tighter, smoother skin. It destroys bacteria, boosts hydration and removes the build-up of dead skin cells, helping to decongest the surface and smooth its texture, giving dull & sun damaged skin new life.  A course of 6-12 weekly treatments for optimal results

  • Lac-Pamgel Peel – only after skin consult

    Reverse the environmental damage on your skin and repair cellular damage. Has a mild exfoliating action while offering a hydrating effect & refine the appearance of the skins texture. Suitable for all skin types including darker skins, pigmented, dry and dehydrated skin types and acne prone skin.

  • Vita-C Micro Peel – only after skin consult

    A concentrated, vitamin C infused peel that is freshly mixed before application to ensure optimal freshness and efficacy. Proven to deliver a healthy complexion with an even skin tone and texture because vitamin C is essential for the skin to function at its best. Excellent choice for sun-damaged, pigmented and mature skins.

  • Low Frequency Sonophoresis – only after skin consult

    By harnessing ultrasonic vibrations, it creates tiny pathways in the layers of the skin, this allows the effective penetration of active vitamins and potent serums to be infused up to 1000 times greater than manually applying, thereby enhancing the benefits of the active ingredients on the skin.


  • Your $30 for 30 Minutes Experience $30

    Mineral makeup from Jane Iredale.

    $30 reserves your 30 minute personal colour match session, plus $30 towards your Jane Iredale purchase on the day.

  • Special Occasion $85